The English language curriculum aims to help students lay a good foundation in learning English and pave the way for independent and lifelong learning with effective communication of knowledge, ideas, values, attitudes and experiences.



  • Enhancing students’ learning efficacy and their reading and writing proficiency
  • Developing learners’ generic skills, values and attitudes and exposing them to rich learning experiences
  • Using a learner-centred and a task-based approach
  • Catering for learner diversity
  • Creating a language-rich environment


  • Native English-speaking Teacher (NET) Programme
    • P1-P3 Space Town Literacy Programme
    • P4-P6 Drama Programme
  • P1-P3 Space Town Literacy Programme
    The Space Town Programme is an enhanced version of the PLP-R/W. The programme consists of lessons with the NET in the English Room and also GE lessons which take place in the classroom with the local English teacher. Different reading and writing skills are taught interactively in the lessons. Phonics strategies are also introduced in a systematic way throughout the programme. E-learning, self-directed learning and self-evaluation are incorporated to enhance students’ learning. Students can develop a wide range of reading and writing strategies as well as metacognitive skills which help them become aware of their thinking process.

    Let’s learn some new words!

    Making a chocolate cake with Mr Johnathan


  • P4-P6 Drama Programme
    NET conducts P4-P6 drama lessons with local English teachers throughout the year. Each class has two lessons every two cycles. The NET and the local teacher implement some drama activities in the lessons which provide opportunities for students to speak so as to improve their speaking skills. To prepare students for the year-end English drama shows, the NET also teaches drama skills through different activities like voice projection, facial expression and stage movement.

    Body Alphabet – What word are we making with our bodies?


    Practising facial expressions
  • Native English-speaking Teacher (NET): Mr. Daniel
    My name is Daniel Yee. My mother is from America and my father is a first generation Chinese American. I spent the first couple years of my life in Hawaii before moving to California. I studied in Universities in California, United Kingdom and China. I have a strong desire to teach and learn about new cultures. I love to experience new cultures and explore new places. Hong Kong is number 20 to 28 of the countries I have been to! The first time I came to Hong Kong I fell in love with the excitement of such wonderful city and was amazed at how many outdoor activities that it has to offer. Some of my favourite things to do apart from travelling is reading, watching movies and listening to music. Some of the sports I enjoy are football, golf, running, snowboarding and surfing. I am looking forward to teaching you guys this year!

  • Native English-speaking Teacher (NET): Mr. Johnathan
    My name is Johnathan Hui. Both my parents are from Hong Kong however both moved to England from a young age. I was born and raised in England, living mainly in the south. All of my studies have been in the U.K. I went to University in London and Winchester. I have been living in Hong Kong since 2014.
    I have found great enjoyment in teaching, especially English Drama. I love teaching people performance skills like confidence, voice work and movement.
    Hong Kong is a great place for entertainment, I can find places to do all of my favourite hobbies. When I want to be active I play tennis, swim or go on one of the many hikes. In more relaxed moods it’s easy to find people to play table top games or computer games with.
    I look forward to having some great lessons with you this year!

  • Native English-speaking Teacher (NET): Mr. Martin
    I am originally from Melbourne, Australia with Italian heritage. My theatrical training is originally with the Teatro Club in Catania Sicily which has been putting on productions regularly for the past 400 years. I arrived in Hong Kong five years ago. I have been teaching drama, puppetry and English in local and international Hong Kong schools. I am teaching drama at Harrow International School which runs with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art curriculum. I am also the director of Theatre Company Highheaven House.
    I am looking forward to teaching you all!



Primary Longman English Leap Programme

  • P1-P6 students learn English with the help of textbooks and other materials published by Pearson Longman Hong Kong

P4-P6 Keys 2 Literacy Programme (Keys2)

  • To further enhance students’ reading and writing proficiency, our school implements Keys 2 Literacy Programme (Keys2) in P4-P6. Various reading and writing strategies are introduced with different text types in the lessons. The programme further paves the way for students to develop the generic skills as well as to prepare them for the learning in Key Stage 3.
    We love writing!


  • E-learning is a crucial part in the English language curriculum. Various e-learning activities are incorporated in the Space Town lessons in Key Stage 1. E-textbook and other online learning platforms are adopted in all P4 classes and some P5-P6 classes to facilitate learning and to encourage self-learning.

    Creating an animated story

    Enjoying the interactive games in the E-textbook

School-wide Language Campaign  

    • English Activities (Halloween & English Days)
      To provide students with more opportunities to use English, some English activities are organized annually. Here are some strategies for carrying out the English activities:

      • Broadcast English songs during recess at Halloween and on English Days
      • English morning assembly (teachers make announcements in English and NETs conduct presentations of ‘3-minute-English’)
      • English ambassadors make the announcement at the end of recess

Halloween – Our NETs and the winner of Estimation Jar.

Halloween – Crafts time!

Halloween – Look at our beautiful costumes!

English Days – Getting ready for the game booths

English Days – P1 & P2 students enjoying the games prepared by P5 & P6 students

English Days – Reading the fun comic strips created by P4 students

English Days – Readers’ Theatre ‘Hungry Bun’

English Days – Winners of Comic Strips Design Competition

English Days – Best Performers in Readers’ Theatre

English Days – Mr Daniel is telling us stories about festivals
  • School-based Language Camp
    • There was a school-based English language camp for P5 students in 2019. Teachers and students from S.T.F.A. Cheng Yu Tung Secondary School designed interactive games for our students.

      Having fun with teachers and students from S.T.F.A. Cheng Yu Tung Secondary School

Drama Performance

  • A goup of P4-P6 students participated in the Drama performance.

    We are actors!

Speech Festival

  • A group of P1-P2 pupils participated in the Choral Speaking Section last year. Meanwhile, some students took part in the Solo Speaking Section.

    Performance at the school talent show